Chrome's Lighthouse

Lighthouse is Google's open source browser automation and testing tool which can provide insights about web best practices for performance, accessibility, security, and more. It's right there in your Chrome's DevTools console, and chances are are there are some ways you can get more functionality out of it. We will go over some of those tips here.

We'll cover the following

By using Lighthouse, we can learn how to improve our website’s metrics based on insights and recommendations provided after a scan is performed.

Getting started

Continuing with our previous example, let’s browse over to Fox News’ website.

Once the website has loaded, launch DevTools using the “F12” key or CMD-OPTION-I if you’re on a Mac. The location of the DevTools console might appear elsewhere in your setup, or as its own window.

Once opened, click on the Lighthouse tab and you should see the available categories to include in our tests.

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