Back-end Frameworks

An overview of back-end frameworks that are commonly used.

The back-end, as we have already seen, refers to the server-side of a web application. The back-end spans everything from the initial creation of the server to the handling of user requests on the application. Let us take a look at the various back-end frameworks that exist to make these tasks much easier!

Express (JavaScript) #

Express.js often referred to as the “de facto standard server framework” for Node.js, is a minimal and highly flexible Node.js web application framework that provides a robust set of features for web applications. The idea behind Express is to simplify the back-end development process enough to reduce basic back-end features such as creating an HTTP server from multiple, unintelligible lines of Node.js code, to a single instruction, while simultaneously keeping the core syntactical and logical characteristics of Node.js intact.

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