Facebook is a data-driven company where there is a lot of collaboration between different people. TPM plays a huge role in leading cross-functional efforts and influencing their team without authority. They also work on defining the roadmap and help in executing them.

Variations of TPM roles in Facebook

There have been a lot of variations in the TPM role at Facebook. As we discussed in the previous lesson, it boils down to the team and organization. Most of the positions come in the Infrastructure pool because there is a high demand for this role to manage the infrastructure.

The TPM role in Facebook offers a lot of opportunities for career advancement.

  • From the TPM role, we can advance our career either towards Manager or Director roles, or we can become senior TPMs. Senior TPMs handle complex programs that are massive in scope.
  • Some TPMs may switch their career to other roles, like Engineering Managers or Product Managers.

From a growth perspective, the TPM role in Facebook offers a lot of opportunities. First, let us understand the various types of TPM roles in Facebook.

Infrastructure TPMs

Infrastructure TPMs are a core part of the ecosystem that builds the foundation for different facebook products. They make products reliable, resilient, and efficient enough to handle high demands with the least cost.

Product TPMs

Product TPMs at Facebook are more like internal Product Managers for some products. There is no GTM or marketing work, and the focus is on the execution and delivery of products.

Fiber TPMs

Fiber TPMs work on large-scale network infrastructure, and they are deeply involved in evolving and enhancing the global network that supports all Facebook products and services. Also, they are responsible for the growth, reliability, efficiency, security, performance, and overall health of the end-to-end network.

Data TPMs

Data TPMs are responsible technology and data as ways to increase efficiency and change how a business operates. They also improve the efficiency of different processes and programs.

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