STAR stands for situation, task, action, and result. It is a method to answer behavioral interview questions in a structured manner. This method is quite powerful because it is simple, and conveys complete answers in a proper format.

Let’s go into more detail about this framework and how to use it.


When an interviewer asks us a behavioral question, they expect us to answer in a structured manner, such as by using a framework like STAR. If we rambleg on or speak in an unstructured way, we will raise a massive red flag for the interviewer. Therefore, we must be as specific as possible so that the interviewer can fully understand our answer and its context.


This is about setting the situation and background for our answer. If we start by directly explaining our actions, the interviewer may not get the complete picture we are trying to portray. So, we must explain the appropriate context for our answer. We can do this by explaining the situation right at the start of our answer. Also, it is best to be as specific as possible.


Here, we get closer to the answer. This is because the interviewer gets to know our role in the given situation. Since job descriptions and titles are often generic, the interviewer will want to know about our specific task or assignment, and not our group’s. In short, we need to describe our responsibility in the situation.


This is the most critical part of our answer and shows what actions we took in the situation. Also, it allows us to emphasize our role. A common mistake people make is to focus on what their team did in a situation. It is advisable that we highlight what we, specifically, did instead of what the group or team did.

Tip: Instead of saying, "We did ABC,” say, “I did ABC.”


This is the final part of our answer where we can share the outcome of the action we took. This should be a positive result of our action. It should also be quantifiable, so we can measure and convey our success. Here, the interviewer may be interested in our learning process. This means we can address the lessons and skills we learned from the whole situation.

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