Every subject has its definitions and glossary. We have few terms that are used very often in the project management field. It is good to learn about them so we can leverage them in our work.

PM terms

Some of these terminologies are buzz words that get used very often in different phases. It is worth reading and understands them well.


It is a scheduling process for the deliverables where each critical moment is considered a milestone. We can track them in different tools like the Gantt chart. Also, each milestone needs to have fixed dates on the plan. If there is no date defined for each milestone, there is a higher chance that the deliverable will be delayed.

Triple constraint

It is common in interviews to ask about the constraints in project management. It has four components, which are each represented by a point in a triangle. Cost, time, and scope are the corners, while quality is in the center. Also, it means if we change one variable, then all others will be impacted. Hence, it is the responsibility of the Project Manager to keep all these constraints in budget while maintaining quality.

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