Ace the FAANG Program Manager Interview for Beginners

Ace the FAANG Program Manager Interview for Beginners


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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
AI Mock Interview
AI Mock Interview
Ace the FAANG Program Manager Interview for Beginners
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Takeaway Skills

Commonly asked questions in (Technical) Program Manager (TPM) interviews

Interview pattern for Program Managers (PMs)

Basics of project management

How to interpret the role of a Program Manager

How hiring managers should hire (T)PMs

How to answer behavioral interview questions

What an interviewer expects in a FAANG interview for (T)PM

Course Overview

Program managers are vital to the success of any organization, but their role varies from one organization to another. Now, you imagine the complexity and variation in the interview process and it can become overwhelming. This process is getting more competitive over time as more people are getting interested in it. To help candidates with that, we have designed a course to crack interviews at top companies of the world: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Netflix. This course will accelerate your journey...Show More


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