Getting Started

Get introduced to the front-end tech stack, including Next.js and Tailwind.


We built a smart contract using Solidity that can be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. Our smart contract works as expected, but it doesn’t offer the best user experience. We’ll now build a front-end application to make interacting with this smart contract easier. For this purpose, we’ll be using the Next.js framework and the Tailwind library. Before diving into the implementation, let’s explore the reasoning behind these choices.

The front-end tech stack

We might come across some arguments around the redundancy of using frameworks or libraries like React to develop web applications. After all, we could just be building the same application using Vanilla JavaScript! That might be true for simple web pages with a minimum amount of interactivity. However, for anything beyond that, React is extremely useful, not only because it makes the development process easier, but because it makes maintenance less painful.

Note: It’s less painful because React helps us write modularized code that has clear boundaries of separation (with the help of components).

With React, it’s very convenient to write maintainable and testable code.

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