Implementing the withdraw Function

Learn to create multiple pages inside the application.

We'll cover the following

Creating a new page in Next.js

In the Partnerly app, we’ve implemented the withdrawal functionality on a new page. Creating new pages in Next.js is very simple. We just need to create a new file under the pages folder with the desired path name for the page. Next.js automatically takes care of the routing to this page. We can call this new file withdraw.js. Next.js will create a new page at the /withdraw path.

The withdraw page will share some components with the index page. For example, it will also require the MainButton and AddressInput fields. We can create a file called components/index.js that will contain the shared components. We can export the MainButton and AddressInput from this file and import them into the index.js and withdraw.js files. We can, in fact, have all the presentational components inside this new file.

The withdraw page will also share functionality with the index page. For example, it would also need to connect to the wallet.

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