Exercise: Update Movie Reviews

Practice updating a document in MongoDB using the Go API.

Problem Statement

Updating a document is a basic operation in a MongoDB project. This exercise tests your knowledge of updating a document in the collection.

Suppose a reviewer, Alice, has changed their mind about a specific movie. They need help to update their review.

The review model

package models

import (


type Reviews struct {
	Id          primitive.ObjectID `bson:"_id"`
	Movie_id    int           `json:"movie_id"`
	Review_id  int          `json:"review_id"`
	Review      *string            `json:"review" validate:"required"`
	Created_at  time.Time          `json:"created_at"`
	Updated_at  time.Time          `json:"updated_at"`
	Reviewer_id string            `json:"reviewer_id"`


The review route

package routes

import (
	controllers "shive-app/controllers"


func ReviewRoutes(router gin.Engine) {
	router.POST("reviews/addreview", controllers.AddReview())
	router.GET("reviews/filter", controllers.ViewAMovieReviews())
	router.DELETE("reviews/:reviewer_id", controllers.DeleteReview())
	router.GET("reviews/user_reviews/:reviewer_id", controllers.AllUserReviews()),
// Update Movie Review
router.GET("reviews/editreview/:reviewer_id", controllers.editReviews())


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