Changes in .NET 6

This lesson summarizes the changes introduced in the upcoming ASP.Net Core 6 version.

ASP.NET Core version

At the time of writing this course, the current ASP.NET Core major version is 5, while version 6 is in preview.

Relevant changes in the upcoming version 6

Version 6 doesn’t bring relevant changes to ASP.NET Core. Most of the changes consist of performance improvements implied by .NET6 and the possibility of using C# 10.

The only change that might impact your application code the usage of the Startup class. In version 6, both dependency injection and the ASP.NET Core pipeline can be configured directly in the Program class. You can still use the Startup class, but all default ASP.NET Core projects use the new simpler option.

Configuring the application in the Program class

The example below shows how you can configure an ASP.NET Core application without using a Startup class:

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