Official downloads and documentation

This section contains links to the official Microsoft downloads and documentation websites.

Where to download Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code can be downloaded here.

Visual Studio Code is free, while only the community edition of Visual Studio is free. However, the community edition is enough to experiment with all examples of this course and to create your own ASP.NET Core applications.

Official ASP.NET Core documentation

The complete ASP.NET Core documentation is here, while documentation specific to ASP.NET Core MVC is here.

Further reading

Creating custom binders and formatters

A detailed explanation on how to create a custom binder can be found here.

A detailed explanation on how to create a custom formatter can be found here.

Clent-side unobtrusive validation

This old Brad Wilson article describes all available unobtrusive validation adapters and explains how to code your custom adapter.

Encrypted configuration sources in azure

In an Azure web application, sensitive configuration data can be stored either in “App Configuration” or in “Azure Key Vault”.

Further downloads

Other validation providers

ASP.NET Core offers providers other than the validation-attribute-based validation provider. The most used is the fluent validation provider. It uses rules written with a fluent interface for defining validation constraints instead of validation attributes. It is available through this NuGet package.

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