Keyboard and Assistive Technology Navigation

Understand the history of keyboard navigation and why it's crucial for creating accessible websites and applications.

One of the most uncomplicated and straightforward accessibility checks we can run on our websites and applications is to navigate through them without ever touching our mouse. There’s no excuse for not giving this a shot because it requires no special equipment or software—just the hardware we’re already using every day!

Keyboard navigation

Until very recently, using a mouse was the primary way for users to interact with a graphical user interface (GUI). However, this wasn’t always the case. The earliest personal/home computers used text-based interfaces and no mice at all! The 1973 Xerox Alto was the first personal computer designed for use with a mouse, but the use of computer mice wouldn’t become common until 1984 when the Macintosh 128K debuted, including a single-button mouse.

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