Section Headings and Semantic Hierarchy

Learn proactive planning strategies for harmonizing page design with semantic requirements.

Did you know that to build accessible user interfaces, we need to have mapped out the semantic structure and hierarchy of our page long before writing the first line of code?

Semantic HTML is crucial to accessibility in a variety of ways, but there’s more to it than just which tags you use for which element. In this lesson, we’ll be focusing on the importance of semantic hierarchy and organization when it comes to designing and laying out the elements on the page.

Enhancing UX with element sequence

WCAG Guideline 1.3 is all about adaptability, specifically creating content that can be presented in different ways without the loss of information or structure. In practice, this means that no matter how the page is rearranged (via screen size, zoom, or magnification) or interpreted via assistive technology (such as a screen reader), there are still ways to communicate the page’s structure.

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