Create and Update Card Products

Learn about card products and how to create and update them.

A card product defines the behavior and functionality of Marqeta cards. It defines the card’s attributes and provides information regarding its usage. It also allows us to specify the specific channels where cards can be used, for example, at ATMs, points of sale (POS), and e-commerce websites.

In addition to the card product object, we can also define the attributes in the card object. If we end up with multiple definitions, the definition in the card object will take precedence over the definition in the card product object.

In this lesson, we’ll learn to create and update a card product.

Create a card product

We can create a card product by making a POST request to the {BASE_URL}/cardproducts endpoint. We can provide basic information about the card product in the request’s body. We can also provide configuration information using the config object. This information defines the features and the behavior of the card product.

Request parameters

The request parameters of the endpoint are provided in the table below:

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