Simulate and Reverse a Transaction

Learn about transactions, and how to simulate and reverse an authorization transaction.

A transaction is the process of making a payment. We can use a Marqeta payment card to make a payment. An authorization transaction request includes the authorization details provided by the user and generates an electronic message that contains information used for payment processing.

In this lesson, we’ll learn to simulate an authorization transaction and its reversal.

Simulate an authorization transaction

We can simulate an authorization transaction by making a POST request to the {BASE_URL}/simulate/authorization endpoint. This endpoint requires the card_token and other authorization details to accompany the request.

Note: This endpoint is only available within the sandbox, a test environment. It’s not available within our production environment. The purpose of it is to be able to test the cards, users, and other objects we create in the sandbox.

Request parameters

The above endpoint uses the following parameters:

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