Marqeta API Overview

Learn what Marqeta API is and where we can use it.

Marqeta is a modern card issuing and transaction processing platform that allows companies to launch and scale card programs to meet their business needs. It streamlines business payments because it works with card networks and issuing banks to issue cards, authorize transactions, and communicate with settlement entities.

Marqeta alleviates the need to deal directly with a traditional bank. Instead, it takes care of the back-end payment technology. It works with banks to process payment transactions, allowing businesses to offer payment card products to their customers.

What is Marqeta’s Core API?

Marqeta’s Core API is a RESTful interface to create and manage payment card programs. It supports webhooks to provide real-time updates about events in a program. For example, the transaction occurrence, changes in a card’s state, and actions performed through cards, among others. ​​Marqeta provides a comprehensive and powerful API to meet our various business needs. It offers us a variety of solutions that we can use depending on our use case.

Marqeta API endpoints
Marqeta API endpoints

Core API resources

We’ll now look at some essential resources comprising Marqeta’s Core API. We’ll also get a detailed understanding of the relationships among these resources. The Core API comprises the following essential resources:

  • A user, also known as a cardholder, is a person who owns and uses a Marqeta card.
  • A card is a physical or virtual payment card owned by a user.
  • A card product defines the behavior and functionality of Marqeta cards. It further describes the card’s attributes and specifies the policies regarding its usage.
  • A general purpose account, also known as GPA, is the default account for a user.
  • The funding source is from which funds are transferred to a user’s general purpose account (GPA) using a GPA order.
  • A GPA order is how we transfer funds from a funding source into a user’s general purpose account (GPA).

The diagram below shows the primary resources of Marqeta’s Core API and their relationships.