Industries Benefiting from Data Science

Get insights into how tech giants benefit from data science.

Data science in big tech

Many industries use data science to ensure higher efficiency and efficacy, attracting more and more users. Among these industry leaders, many have been using data science for a long time to maintain a competitive edge and provide a good user experience. These companies often don’t showcase their data science department as their selling point, despite being their most useful and revenue-generating commodity.

Some new startups now showcase data science as their main selling point. They are gradually becoming important players in the tech industry. In this lesson, we’ll take a deeper look at how some tech giants use data science in their day-to-day operations so we can better understand how data science moves their workflows.


Google extensively employs data science to enhance its services and user experience. It predicts user behaviors by analyzing search history and applies natural language processing (NLP) to suggest or autocomplete search queries and find their results. Google also improves search results by considering the duration of user sessions on web pages, ensuring top-ranking results are the most relevant. Additionally, Google tailors advertisements based on user search history, connecting potential customers with related services.

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