Challenge: Detect Cycle in a Directed Graph

Try to solve the Detect Cycle in a Directed Graph problem.

We'll cover the following


Given a directed graph, check whether the graph contains a cycle and return a boolean value accordingly.

A cycle occurs when you can start at one vertex, follow a path through the edges, and return to the starting vertex. This means at least one vertex is visited more than once within the same traversal path.

Note: Edges list is interpreted in the following manner:

edges = [[0, 2, 1], [], [2, 1, 0]]


0:0,2,10: 0, 2, 1
1:1: None
2:2,1,02: 2, 1, 0


If n is the number of nodes in the graph.

  • n ==edges.length== edges.length
  • 00 \leq n 100\leq 100
  • 00 \leq edges[i] \leq nn


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