Creating a Microsoft Account

Let’s get started with creating a Microsoft account, which we'll use to manage all Microsoft services.

One Microsoft account

All Microsoft services and devices are integrated as an umbrella into a single Microsoft account. A Microsoft account helps us access many Microsoft devices and services like Skype, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and Xbox Live. Our files, photos, contacts, and settings can be preserved and carried securely to any device.

Having a Microsoft account is the gateway to leveraging any Microsoft service. If you’ve used any of the following Microsoft services, you probably have a Microsoft account already.

  • Outlook: Email management.
  • Office: Documentation, authorship, and presentation services.
  • Skype and Teams: Video conferencing services.
  • OneDrive: Online storage service.
  • Xbox Live: Gaming service.
  • Bing: Search engine service.
  • Microsoft Store: Microsoft app storage.
  • Windows: Core Microsoft operating system.

A Microsoft account lets us manage everything in one place.

  • We can keep tabs on our subscriptions (billing/expiration/renewal) and order history.
  • We can organize our family’s pictures and files using OneDrive.
  • We can update our privacy and security settings.
  • Finally, we can track the health and safety of our devices.

Everything stays with us in the cloud and across devices and operating systems. There’s only one account for every device and every service.

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