What is this course about?

This course introduces the concepts of katas in DevOps, which are designed around the practice-first principle. Rather than spending whole chapters on the theory, we’ll dive straight into the commands and their explanations. The purpose of this course is to give you hands-on examples related to Docker, Git, and Jenkins.


Basic knowledge of Docker, Gogs, Git, and Jenkins will be required.

Road map

The following illustration represents the road map of the course:

Getting started with DevOps katas

Here, we’ll describe what katas are, their conventions and formatting, and give you a sample kata through which you can understand them more precisely.

Containers, Docker, and Docker katas

Then, we’ll learn about virtualization, containers, and the relationship between virtual machines and containers. We’ll also learn Docker and application deployment with and without containers.

In Docker katas, we come across the following:

Git and Git katas

Here, we’ll be introduced to Git. We’ll learn how to share and merge codes and how to perform branching in Git. We’ll also be introduced to Git workflow, its tools, and its uses.

In Git katas, we come across the following:

Jenkins and Jenkins katas

This will teach us about Jenkins’s brief history, power, popularity, scalability, and Jenkins katas.

In Jenkins katas, we’ll come across the following: