Jenkins Kata 4: Integrate Git with Jenkins

Learn about installing and configuring the Gogs-Webhook plugin and configure and test the build trigger.

CI is the automation of a software delivery process. When integrated with an SCM system, Jenkins can be configured to run a job (or set of jobs) automatically each time code changes are pushed to a source code repository. When a build is run with each code update, bugs can be discovered and fixed immediately. This is much more efficient than allowing many problems from many code updates to clog the development lifecycle.

This kata will demonstrate how to configure a Git server to trigger Jenkins jobs when commits are pushed to the Git server.

Step 1: Install the Gogs webhook plugin

The following are the steps to install the Gogs-Webhook plugin:

  • Click Jenkins at the top left.
  • Click “Manage Jenkins.”
  • Click “Manage Plugins.”

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