Git Kata 8: Repository Forking and Pull Requests

The Coders have a son, Cody. A responsible young lad, Cody has just turned sixteen years old and now has his driver’s license. Cody has volunteered to take on some new responsibilities to go with his new freedom: shopping and managing the grocery list.

Cody is also an aspiring developer and engineer. Cody has been studying CI/CD. His first act as manager of the grocery list is to propose a new workflow for adding items to the Next Visit list.

Cody is going to take ownership of the web-storelist repository, hosted in Gogs, from the devops administrator user. Cody will then grant Ken and Carrie read access to web-storelist. Ken and Carrie will create a fork of web-storelist and commit their changes to the fork. Finally, they will request their changes be merged into Cody’s authoritative repository using pull requests. This workflow will allow Cody to control the changes flowing into his repository, which will be the entry point to the CI pipeline we’ll build with the Jenkins katas.

Step 1: Create Cody’s account in Gogs

The following are the steps to create Cody’s account in Gogs:

  • Switch to URL and select the tab with Gogs open.
  • Select “Admin Panel” from the top-right drop-down.
  • Create a new user with the following details:

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