What Is the Scala Build Tool?

Learn how to create and structure an sbt-based project.

What is sbt?

The Scala Build Tool (sbt) is a general-purpose building tool, written in Scala, that provides many convenient Scala features. In this lesson, we’ll cover many general aspects of sbt along with the basic layout of an sbt project. We’ll see how our testing project is structured and dive deeper into some interesting sbt settings.

Once sbt is set up, we can either create a new project from scratch or benefit from a Giter8 template. Giter8 is a command line tool that quickly generates files and directories. Although written in Scala and run through sbt, Giter8 can produce any files and directories, not only Scala projects. It bases generation on templates published in any git repository. For example, we can quickly generate a basic Scala project by running the following command:

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