About this Course

Get to know what we plan to build and its prerequisites.


API development skills are always in demand. Almost all web development companies play with APIs in one way or another. Laravel is a leading framework of the PHP programming language and it is growing at an unprecedented speed.

You can learn both of these from various resources, but you will gain absolute confidence by coding APIs using Laravel.

The best way to learn a new skill is to practice it.

That is why this course exists. We have prepared a step-by-step process for you that begins with a fresh Laravel application and carefully crafts a set of APIs to support restaurant operations management.

Here are the offerings of the API endpoints that we will develop:

  • Allow a new user to register and log into the system
  • Let a user add, edit, and archive one or more restaurants
  • Manage the menu of a restaurant
  • Manage the tables and update their status (booking, reservation, etc.)
  • Book a table for a new order
  • Manage the items of an order
  • Record the payment information for an order


Basic knowledge of Laravel is required.

Interactivity notes

As mentioned previously, the Educative platform is feature-rich. It allows you to make changes in the Laravel code and run it online throughout the course.

The basic flow begins when you click on ‘Run’ in the coding widget and then make the API request via Postman for manual testing. There are PHPUnit tests for all the API endpoints, and you can also run them online.


  • To increase your confidence in making API endpoints in Laravel to support mobile app developers and other third parties.
  • Learn and practice a few of the best Laravel goodies such as ‘validation’, ‘testing helpers’, ‘API resources’, ‘Laravel Sanctum’, etc.

Expected timeline

There is no rigid timeline here. We suggest you move forward at your own pace. You can take any of the following routes:

  • If you already have experience with API development, go through the lessons and practice the parts that are from how you normally code APIs. This lets you play with new ideas as they emerge during the process.

  • If you have not developed any API before, go through each lesson and code along as you go. Make sure that you understand the “why” and “how” of each point.