What’s Next?

Enlighten yourself with the possibilities of the new API-related requirements and performance gotchas.

You have made a usable set of API endpoints. Now what? Depending on the requirements, you may need to implement API versioning, limit API access to a select few, and improve the performance even more.

API versioning

Any usable product or service needs to change. With the changes in the requirements of end-users and environment, the protocol between the API server and API client also needs to change. This is acceptable, as long as those changes are minor. However, when API-consuming clients cannot be updated together (most typically the mobile apps), API versioning is required to keep the existing users happy as those changes are rolled out.

If your API endpoints like this, you should plan a versioning policy from the very beginning and discuss it with the clients. Postman also helps with the versioning of your requests and collections, but the major challenge will be to code your APIs in such a way that supports versioning.

Additionally, you should also maintain the changelog for reference in the future.

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