Recap and Outlook

Let's recap what we have learned and look at some Haskell topics that lie ahead.

We'll cover the following


Congratulations on finishing the Functional Programming in Haskell course!

With the knowledge acquired in this course, you should now be able to write fairly complex Haskell programs such as the maze solver from the previous lesson yourself.

In particular, you

  • Know about the most important predefined Haskell data types, including numbers, strings, lists, and tuples.
  • Have a broad toolset for writing functions, including recursive and higher-order functions.
  • Understand core concepts of functional programming in Haskell such as currying, laziness, and lambda expressions.
  • Know how to create your own data types and add them to type classes.
  • Can handle input/output operations and combine them with pure functional programs.

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