Quantum Computing Libraries and Frameworks

Let’s start using quantum computing libraries to program useful quantum circuits and algorithms.

In the previous chapter, we created our very own quantum computing simulator. While it was fundamental, we could use it to run elementary quantum algorithms. However, for more advanced algorithms, we would need to add support for parametric gates and then some.

Knowing that, we now transition to using robust quantum computing frameworks and libraries that implement all the required features required to run quantum algorithms. In this course, we will be learning to use:

  • Qiskit, and
  • Cirq

Both Qiskit(developed by IBM Quantum) and Cirq (developed by Google) are popular quantum computing libraries/frameworks developed in Python. They provide a decent high-level programming interface for complex quantum hardware. They also support running quantum algorithms on simulators or real quantum computers, which is perfect for our use case. Though, as stated earlier, we will only be using simulators in this course.

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