The Power of Quantum Computing

In this lesson, we show you a sneak peek of the power of quantum computing.

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You would have noticed that everything that we’ve told you so far has been mostly theoretical. So, we thought now would be a good point to show a tangible example of a situation where quantum computing provides a faster way to solve the problem.

There’s a quantum algorithm called Grover’s Algorithm that can perform an unstructured search in O(N).O(\sqrt{N}). We will go over what this means and how it works at a later point in the course. For now, we’ll give you a sneak peek into one of its practical applications.

Quantum Sudoku

We can use Grover’s Algorithm to solve Sudoku. If you have played this game before, you would know that the number of possible combinations to check in the traditional 9×99\times9 grid is a massive number. In fact, if you did a linear search through all possible board configurations, you would need to check around 9819^{81} possibilities to find the solution to the puzzle.

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