Exercise: Use LINQ Methods

Use LINQ methods to answer three questions.

We'll cover the following

Helping Aspiring Directors

Now, it’s your turn to use LINQ to answer three questions and help aspiring directors with those answers.

This time, we have a list with 50 random movies from the IMDb website. You should write one LINQ query for every requirement.

These are our three requirements:

  1. Let’s build some sort analytics for the next director making his first movie. Let’s see how long that movie should be. Find the average duration of the top 10 best rated movies.

  2. Let’s find good sources of inspiration for aspiring directors. Find the names of the directors of the best dramas (with rating of 6.5 points or higher) from the 80s.

  3. Let’s make it easy for new directors to find the best movies. Create a leaderboard of the best (well, with at least 7.0 rating points) movies by year, sorted by year, showing the release year and the movie name.

Follow the instructions in the comments to complete this exercise.

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