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About this course

Welcome! In this course, you’ll learn about LINQ and collections, from what LINQ is, to its most common methods, to its new methods and overloads in .NET 6. This course also covers how to fix some common pitfalls when using LINQ for the first time, and how to use LINQ to refactor conditionals.

This is not an introductory course on C#. You should be comfortable declaring and initializing C# objects and working with conditionals, loops, and collections such as arrays and lists, but, we’ll go over what we need to know to start working with LINQ.


Before diving into our first LINQ method, we need to tackle two prerequisites: extension methods and lambda expressions.

There are two lessons and two quizzes to test your knowledge of these subjects. If you feel comfortable with these subjects, take the quizzes and go straight to the next lesson. See you there!