LINQ and .NET 6

Learn what has changed in LINQ with .NET 6.

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What’s new in LINQ with .NET 6?

LINQ isn’t a new feature in the C# language. It’s been around since the early versions of the language in the 2000s. But in recent updates, the .NET team introduced new methods and overloads to LINQ as part of the C# standard library.

Some of the methods .NET 6 has introduced to LINQ are Chunk and DistinctBy. .NET 6 has also added new overloads to existing methods, like Take with ranges and FirstOrDefault with custom default values.

Before the .NET 6 update, we had to rely on third-party libraries or write our own extension methods to bring similar features to our code.

To use these new methods and overloads in your work, install the latest version of the .NET 6 SDK from the .NET official page.

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