Why This Course?

Discover the motivation for this course and what you will learn.

What is Go?

Go is also referred to as Golang, it’s an open-source, compiled, and statically typed programming language developed by Google. The language has a simple syntax and robust standard libraries.

It has seen adoption for real-world applications and supports both imperative and OOP paradigms.

About this course

The teasers in this course are designed to help you avoid mistakes in the future. These teasers are created from common errors encountered when shipping bugs to production.

Teasers are fun! We geeks love to solve puzzles. You can also use these teasers to impress your coworkers, have knowledge competitions, and become better together.

Intended audience

We assume you know Go at some level and have experience programming with it. This course is not for learning how to work with Go. If you don’t remember Go, we recommend learning it first.