Video Conference Interviews

In this lesson, we'll start learning about video conference interviews.

Introduction #

Now that you’ve mastered how to act in an in-person interview, it’s time to forget everything and learn how to act in a video conference interview. Well, no, not everything, not even close; but you do need to commit a few more things to memory before embarking on one of these interviews.

The most important thing to remember in such an interview is that you need to be visible and audible – the interviewer needs to leave the video conference with a strong impression of what you look like and sound like in real life. You DO NOT want to be known as the washed-out person with a crackly voice. In this course, you will have opportunities to practice on video. While reviewing your responses, view at least once with the sound off to assess your body language. The six guidelines below will be helpful when embarking on a video conference interview.

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