Estimations and Limitations of a Many-core System

Let's compare the power consumption of different processors and how it impacts the design requirements of our key-value store.

In this lesson, we will estimate how using a key-value server with an efficient processor impacts the system. To do this, we will be comparing the power consumption of two systems:

  1. TilePro64: This system will use a lower-clocked, power-efficient 64-core processor with the Tile 32-bit architecture and has an optimized version of Memcached for higher parallel data access.

  2. Opteron: This system will use a higher-clocked, power-hungry, octa-core processor with an x86 64-bit architecture and has a standard multi-threaded version of Memcached.

Once we understand the relative benefits of the two systems, we can start figuring out the higher-level design.

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