Request Flows in SILT

Learn how PUT, DELETE, and GET requests are processed in the SILT key-value store.

In this lesson, we will look at how our consolidated store serves the requests. Every request will have a key associated with it. For example, PUT(key, value), DELETE(key), and GET(key).

PUT and DELETE requests

Our write-friendly store receives all new PUT and DELETE requests. Every request triggers two tasks—one in memory and the other in storage.

In storage, the write-friendly store has sequentially maintained a log to which it appends our request. The write-friendly store saves the offset—its position in the log—for all incoming requests.

In memory, the write-friendly store starts looking for a candidate bucket using partial-key cuckoo hashing on the key for the request, and as soon as it finds a candidate bucket, it stores the offset in that bucket.

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