Empirical Evaluation of Tectonic's Functional Requirements

Let's see how Tectonic's design work on a real-world workload.

We previously discussed how we can use both of our resources (ephemeral and non-ephemeral) optimally. In this lesson, we’ll evaluateThis evaluation is primarily based on section 6 (Tectonic in Production) of the paper: Pan, Satadru, Theano Stavrinos, Yunqiao Zhang, Atul Sikaria, Pavel Zakharov, Abhinav Sharma, Mike Shuey, et al. Facebook’s tectonic filesystem: Efficiency from exascale. In 19th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 21), pp. 217-231. 2021. how well Tectonic performs on real data. Moreover, we’ll quantify the benefits of storage consolidation and how metadata hotspots are managed. The specification of the Tectonic instance that was used in this study is shown in the table below.

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