Before the cloud, every company was responsible for managing its database services. This required hiring a wide range of specialists. Now, companies can pay for managed databases that delegate the necessary operations for setting up, maintaining, and scaling to the cloud service.

How do such databases work? As of September 2022, the global tech industry is worth 5.2 trillion USDSource: If the aim is to provide a database service to such a huge market, how can we design a system that can achieve this?

Before we design such a system, we need to understand what we require from the system.

Design requirements

Keeping in mind that we need a database that can provide services to the entire tech industry, we will require the following from our design.

Functional requirements

Let's start with listing our functional requirements.

Managed service over the cloud

We will deploy our service on the cloud. We will assume that we have high-tech cloud data centers that professionals manage. This frees our users from the hassle of managing any of the following: bug fixing, hardware management, and managing distributed services. Our service will handle resource provisioning, failure management, software upgrades, and backups.

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