Git Pull

This lesson discusses the git pull command and how you can make use of it.

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The git pull command

Similar to git fetch, the git pull command also downloads the latest updates from the remote repository. In many ways, it does what git fetch also does but with the added function of merging the newly downloaded remote repository with the latest commits into the local version of the branch.

Let’s say you’ve been working on creating a new feature for your project on a branch with another team member. Both you and the teammate have been working tirelessly, and making changes and committing them regularly. There will be countless times when you will need to make sure that your branch is in sync with your teammate’s branch.

Both of you will push your commits to the remote repository and pull each other’s changes. This is where the git pull command comes in handy.

git pull origin branch_name

The command above will download the latest changes from the remote repository and merge them into your local branch, ultimately updating your branch HEAD to point to the latest commit in that branch.

Here is an example of how the git pull command works:

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