What Is Version Control?

This lesson dives into version control and explains why it is useful for large projects.

Why do we need version control?

Let’s say you create a project and have worked on it for over a month. While adding a new feature, you realize that something you did a week back won’t allow your new feature to work properly. You decide to revert those changes but aren’t sure if you have made similar changes in other files as well.

What if there was a way for you to identify what exact changes you made and where in your code you made them? That’s where version control can help you out.

Keep track of changes to the codebase

In the simplest of terms, you can consider version control to be a record of all the changes that your software code goes through. Version control systems allow you to keep track of how your project changes over time, with additional information about why and when each change was incorporated.

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