Identify Different Workspaces

Learn the differences between Terraform Enterprise, Terraform Cloud, and Terraform OSS.

Before we explore the differences between workspaces in Terraform Cloud and workspaces in the Terraform CLI, let’s spend a few moments discussing the difference between Terraform Cloud and Terraform Open-Source Software (OSS). Terraform OSS is the free, open-source CLI that we can download and run on a local system.

Terraform Enterprise

Prior to the announcement of Terraform Cloud in 2019, HashiCorp had a hosted offering called Terraform Enterprise. It was built on top of Terraform OSS while adding several enhancements and additional features. Terraform Enterprise could also run on servers hosted on-premises, which was called Private Terraform Enterprise.

The hosted version of Terraform Enterprise was renamed to Terraform Cloud, which was given several licensing updates and a free tier for teams of five or less. Private Terraform Enterprise was renamed to Terraform Enterprise and continued to run on-premises.

Naturally, this has led to a fair amount of confusion when people refer to Terraform Enterprise, so here’s a helpful reminder:

  • Terraform OSS is a free and open-source CLI.

  • Terraform Cloud is hosted Terraform for teams (formerly Terraform Enterprise).

  • Terraform Enterprise is on-premises Terraform for teams (formerly Private Terraform Enterprise).

We can now talk about workspaces in Terraform OSS vs. workspaces in Terraform Cloud.

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