Sign Up with React and Firebase

Let's implement the sign-up functionality using Firebase.

We’ve set up all the routes for our application, configured Firebase and implemented the authentication API for our Firebase class. We’ve also made Firebase available for use within our React components.

Now it’s time to use the authentication functionalities in our React components, which we’ll build from scratch. Most of the code is in one block because the components are not too small and splitting them up step-by-step might be too verbose. Nevertheless, we will examine each code block afterward. The code blocks for forms can become repetitive, so they will be explained once well.

Creating the Sign-Up Page

Let’s start with the sign-up page (registration page). It consists of the page, a form, and a link.

The form is used to sign up a new user to our application through a username, email, and password. The link will be used on the sign-in page (login page) later if a user has no account yet. It is a redirect to the sign-up page, but not used on the sign-up page itself.

Implement the src/components/SignUp/index.js file the following way:

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