YouTube Data API Overview

Get a brief introduction to YouTube Data API and the different resources it offers.

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The YouTube Data API is a service that allows you to integrate functions into your application that would usually be performed on the YouTube website. It allows you to read and write on any YouTube content. Users can make both authenticated and unauthenticated calls to YouTube Data API feeds to receive feeds of popular videos, comments, playlists, channels, and much more.

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We can use the YouTube Data API to look for videos, channels, or playlists that match specified search terms and other criteria. Furthermore, we can insert, update, and delete resources such as Videos, Playlists, and Channels.

What YouTube Data API offers

YouTube Data API allows the following resources that we can use through its various endpoints::

  • Create and manage a channel on YouTube.

  • List, create, update, and delete playlists and their items.

  • Interact with videos by commenting on or rating them.

  • Review user activity.

  • Search for any video the users want.

  • List, create, update, and delete videos that users want.

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YouTube Data API resources
YouTube Data API resources