Who is This Course For?

Understand the intended audience for the intermediate Redux with the Redux toolkit course.

Hey! Welcome to the Intermediate Redux with Redux toolkit (RTK) course. If you can sense excitement through text, then I hope these sentences are all popping out at you!

Before I get you started on the details of this course, it’s important to make sure it is right for you. There’s no use studying halfway through the course only to find out that it’s not what you expected.

The intended audience

Let’s set expectations straight. Only then can you get the best out of this course, and that’s my goal.

This course has been written for two categories of people. Sorry to remind you of Biology, but do you remember the stages a butterfly undergoes (i.e., from egg to caterpillar)?.

Well, here are the categories of people this course has been written for.

  1. The Caterpillars

You fall under this category if:

  • You have already learned the basics of Redux.
  • The fundamental concepts of actions, reducers, and the Redux store aren’t new to you.

Good news Caterpillar, I’ve got you covered. This course is a logical next step if you already understand the basics of Redux. This course will introduce concepts that build upon that foundational knowledge you have, and it will show you how modern Redux should be written with the Redux toolkit.

Caterpillars don’t fly. But that’s okay! As you work through the course, your pace may be slower than that of someone who’s been writing Redux for more years than you. Don’t stress over that though. I’ll strive to explain every detail in a very approachable language. Your task is to hang in there, Caterpillar. Don’t try to fly. Easy. Slow and steady, and soon enough you’ll be flying high with beautiful fluttering wings.

  1. The Young Butterfly

So, you’re a young butterfly, eh? Not sure? That’s okay!

You fall under this category if:

  • You are experienced with Redux but are new to the Redux toolkit.
  • You’re unfamiliar with modern Redux and need a refresher.

I’ve got you covered, young Butterfly. I was in these shoes sometime back, so I definitely understand and can relate to your needs. The front-end world moves really fast.

In this course, I’ll show you the much needed RTK introduction and refresher that you will need.

Since you’re not a beginner to Redux, you should be able to assimilate the concepts and usage of RTK a lot faster than a beginner. That’s superb!

However, try the course challenges. They’ll strengthen your understanding of RTK, and help improve your Redux development in general.

What this course isn’t

There are two things this course isn’t.

In a nutshell:

  • This course is not a “teach me the absolute basics of Redux” course. Careful, Caterpillar!
  • This course is not a “teach me everything RTK has to offer” course. Yes, it covers the basics and intermediate uses of RTK, but some advanced concepts have been intentionally left out. After going through this course, I have no doubts that you’d easily pick up those concepts from the official documentation or from a related advanced course here on Educative.

Okay, enough of housekeeping. Let’s get started crunching the Redux toolkit in the next lesson. Yay!