CNN Architectures

Explore the most innovative CNN architectures (available from 2012 until 2021) and their principles.

We'll cover the following

In this section, we will discuss CNN architectures that stood the test of time. Even though not all of them are still used in recent top-performing architectures, it is important to study them and understand their intuitions.


AlexNet is made up of 5 conv layers starting from an 11x11 kernel. It was the first architecture that employed max-pooling layers, Relu activation functions, and dropout for the 3 enormous linear layers. The network was used for image classification with 1000 possible classes, which for that time was madness (it was introduced in 2012). Now you can implement it in 35 lines of Pytorch code

It was the first convolutional model that was successfully trained on Imagenet, a dataset with 1M training images of 1000 classes.

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