See what we've learned and what we can build after finishing this course.

Summary: Building websites in R

In this course, we’ve learned how to:

  • Create an R website using a standard Hugo theme.
  • Deploy our website for free using GitHub and Netlify authorization.
  • Make edits to the website to personalize its look and feel while adding configurations based on our requirements.
  • Use the “Posts” feature in R websites to add original content, technical or otherwise, using R Markdown.
  • Integrate Formspree for contact forms and Google Analytics for analyzing user data.

Next steps for our website

Despite the wealth of information in this course, it does not (and cannot) cover all possible topics and ideas relevant to the subject. First, this course recommends several Hugo themes. Yet we only used a single theme to explain and implement concepts. Second, the number of edits that can be applied to any website design is infinite. Yet, we implemented a small, finite number of edits. We suspect many readers will want to venture beyond the scope of this course and pursue topics that were not discussed.

There are numerous resources to learn more about the methodology. We can explore the following tools and frameworks:

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