Important configuration files

The files listed below are referenced throughout this lesson. We’ll locate them ahead of time so that we can gain some experience navigating the website file structure. We’ll be interacting with the following files in this lesson:

  • config.yaml
  • config/_default/menus.en.toml
  • config/_default/languages.toml
  • config/_default/params.toml
  • content/english/
  • themes/anatole/layouts/_default/list.html
  • themes/anatole/layouts/partials/contact.html
  • themes/anatole/i18n/en.toml

Rename, delete, and edit pages

To personalize our website, we’ll have to add, edit and delete web pages to meet our needs. Let’s see how this can be done.

Rename pages

The Hugo Anatole theme comes with the following default pages: “Home”, “Posts”, “About”, and “Contact”. To rename these pages, we can open config/_default/menus.en.toml and edit the name parameters. For example, we can rename the “About” page to “About Me” to communicate that this page contains our biography.

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