Go Live on the Internet

Let's find out how to deploy the website to the internet using Netlify and GitHub.

GitHub and Netlify work together to make it remarkably simple to deploy our website to the internet. We simply have to upload our website codebase to GitHub, then configure Netlify to deploy our website with a few simple clicks. Once our website is live, Netlify will automatically rebuild and redeploy the website whenever we push updates to our GitHub repository. This process is known as continuous deployment.

We assume you already have a Netlify account. If not, we can go to Netlify’s homepage and log in with our GitHub account to link our GitHub with Netlify.

Configure Netlify for deployment

With our website codebase on GitHub, we can follow these steps to deploy our website on Netlify:

  1. Log in to Netlify and click “New site from Git”.
  2. Select GitHub as the “Continuous deployment provider”, then choose our website’s GitHub repository.
  3. Leave the site settings as they are and click “Deploy site” to deploy our website to the internet.

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