Exercise 1: Sorting Array in Ascending Order

In this exercise, you will be required to use pointers to sort the values of an array in ascending order

Problem Statement

Let’s start with a basic example.

Write a C++ function called sortAsc to sort an array of ten integer values in ascending order.

The function sortAsc will accept two arguments

  • First, a pointer that points to the array.
  • Second, the array size.

Fucntion Return

The function sortAsc returns a pointer that points to the sorted array​.

Example Input

The array given to you as input in the exercise below is:

int arr[] = {23,34,2,3,5,12,42,56,89,8};

Expected output

Values in ascending order are: {2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 23, 34, 42, 56, 89} 


For ease break down the problem into parts:

  • First figure out how the sortAsc will be declared which includes
    • Setting the return type of the function
    • Passing the appropriate parameters to function
  • Next, come up with the logic on how to sort a simple array in ascending order.
  • Lastly try implementing the same logic but using pointers.

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