Exercise 5: Complex Numbers

This exercise requires you to use Class Template to define a class that returns the real and imaginary part of a Complex number

We'll cover the following

Problem Statment

In this exercise, you are required to use Class templates.

Make a template type class called Complex.

  • Contains two private variables:

  • Has a constructor taking real and imaginary parts a complex number as input and initializing those.

  • Has two other member functions:

    • get_real(): returns the real part of the complex number.
    • get_im(): returns the imaginary part of the complex number.

The code should be generalized hence should work for any data types.

Hint: Use template type for this purpose.

Down below is what the expected output should look like.

Input :

int x=500, y=100;

Expected Output:

Real part of the complex number is: 500
Imaginary part of the complex number is: 100

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