Likes, User Posts, Photos, and Videos

Learn how to get users' likes, posts, photos, and videos.

User's likes

A user's likes on Facebook are a way for them to show support and interest in the things that matter to them on the platform. Users can like pages, people, or content that they follow, and they are displayed on the user's profile for others to see. By liking a page, person, or piece of content, the user can stay up-to-date with new information from that source. Users can interact with each other's likes by commenting, sharing, or reacting to posts, and they can also use the filters on the left side of the page to customize what they see. This allows users to tailor their experience on Facebook to their specific interests and preferences. In addition to providing a personalized experience, a user's likes can also serve as a way for others to learn more about the user and what they care about. By looking at a user's likes, others can sense the user's personality, interests, and values. The base URL for this endpoint is:

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